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Star Citizen - The Convoy™

Postby mark » 24 May 2014, 17:36

When Max Immelman and Oswald Bolke created rules for Air Combat during World War 1 they deemed two were the most important
1: Get as close as possible before shooting
2: Always Check your Six

Those words of wisdom are as true for WWI as it is for Space Combat, you'll no doubt wish you had headed them better the first time the cold embrace of space has it's way.

Star Citizen is a Space Combat Sim being developed by Chris Roberts and the team at Cloud Imperium Games

The Convoy™, one of the top 20 organisations in the game with the first week stands out from the crowd of Vanilla organisation's by being different.
We fly the Big Rig's, the Starfarers, The Banu Merchantment and every other ship that can haul a load of Self Sealing Stem Bolts.
Flying Convoy is risky business, it's why we have some of the best and biggest escort pilots on our member list, from Military Hornets to the Idris, we run them all.

We are a stable mature group based around the simple premise, No Drama.

If you need any further information, PM @Bossman or @CallmeMorphe at the RSI website or leave a note on The Convoy's public thread.
Applications to Join The Convoy can be made HERE

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